31 août 2019

bug diaries - part 1

Back in November 2017 I moved to Kilkenny to work on Lighthouse Studios very first project. Bug Diairies is a lovely kids show telling the adventures of Fly, Worm and Spider, based on the books by Doreen Cronin.
I had the role of lead background artist and was able to bring my experience and a little bit of myself as well, thanks to trustworthy supervisors. It was my first time working on a series and tackling the deadline of two backgrounds a day was quite challenging! But I'm very happy with the reasult. Hope you enjoy this selection of backgrounds and colorkeys I did back then.

Ep 1 - Canine Cruise
Ep 2 - House Spider

Ep 3 - Fly's Picnic Problem

Ep 4 - Worm's New Digs

Ep 5 - Dump Of Dreams
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