24 octobre 2020

greenpeace - there's a monster in my kitchen

 I had the priviledge to help with the backgrounds on this Greenpeace short produced in Cartoon Saloon, directed by Tomm Moore and Fabian Erlinghäuser, art directed by Maria Pareja.

 This was a very collaborative work with Maria, sharing ideas and opinions in a very open minded and supporting way. The colorscript was some kind of ping pong between both of us, it was great! She did wonders, and designed all the layout for these! I just had to add nice colors on top, haha!

I had a great time. Working on something with so much meaning was thrilling. I hope this will help people understanding the real cost of eating meat. Now it's in your hands, please sign the petition, donate if you can and spread the message! 

 So here are color sketches for the jungle, followed by a selection of backgrounds.


18 septembre 2020

wolfwalkers trailer


 I'm very excited to share this trailer of Wolfwalkers I had the huge pleasure to work on. The film will be released soon on Apple TV but also in cinemas in France, UK, Ireland and the US so go watch it on the big screen if you get the chance, it's worth it ;)

22 novembre 2019

can you hear this beautiful music ?

Once I heard this story of a violin maker that listens to the trees in order to pick the best tree that'll make the best violin. Can you hear this beautiful music?

5 novembre 2019

were you followed?

I wanted to paint this fan art from Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom for years! Since the movie went out in cinemas I think. Well, I finally found some time and it was a great way to experiment with new brushes.

4 novembre 2019

bud diaries - part 2

Here's another selection of backgrounds from Bug Diaries series I had the pleasure to work on as a lead background artist during my time at Lighthouse Studios. It's always nice to paint nature!

all these images are © Amazon Prime

28 octobre 2019


Here are a couple of paintings I did before living Kilkenny. I decided to move back to France. It's been two wonderful years in Ireland. I met so many talented individuals all gathered in this beautiful studio that is Cartoon Saloon. I expected a great working experience, but where I learned the most was actually on the human side. I'll never forget this chapter of my life and will always be grateful to have been part of the team. Boy I'm gonna miss this place!

31 août 2019

bug diaries - part 1

Back in November 2017 I moved to Kilkenny to work on Lighthouse Studios very first project. Bug Diairies is a lovely kids show telling the adventures of Fly, Worm and Spider, based on the books by Doreen Cronin.
I had the role of lead background artist and was able to bring my experience and a little bit of myself as well, thanks to trustworthy supervisors. It was my first time working on a series and tackling the deadline of two backgrounds a day was quite challenging! But I'm very happy with the reasult. Hope you enjoy this selection of backgrounds and colorkeys I did back then.

Ep 1 - Canine Cruise
Ep 2 - House Spider

Ep 3 - Fly's Picnic Problem

Ep 4 - Worm's New Digs

Ep 5 - Dump Of Dreams
all these images are © Amazon Prime