8 juin 2016

23 mai 2016


25 avril 2016


I went back home in Swtizerland for two weeks and enjoyed early Spring in beautiful Lausanne. Here are a couple paintings from around the cathedrale.

2 avril 2016


I'm coming back from a month and a half in Japan, travelling from North to South, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, trhough Tokyo and Kyoto. An amazing journey where I wish I had more time to draw and paint. But walking around and discovering the wonderful japanese landscapes, people, food and culture was even more attractive. I'm still not sure it really happenned... Love you Japan!

30 mars 2016

The Secret Life of Pets in Annecy

The secret Life of Pets will be screened in world premiere in Annecy animation festival! I'm very excited about it. Here are a few shots of the movie that I made a color key for, as a preview of my work. The movie will be released this summer. Here is the last trailer.

25 janvier 2016

tom's kitchen

I'm doing my first steps with watercolor. This is a sketch from new year's eve at Tom's. The top one is the original watercolor, bottom left is the original sketch and on the right is what I was looking for, but afraid to mess it all up, I did the last steps on photoshop.

21 novembre 2015

minions shorts

all these images are © Universal Pictures

I had the pleasure to do a couple character designs on 'Cro Minions' and a bit of color work on 'Competition', two mini-movies available in the bonus of Minions bluray.

3 octobre 2015

the lodge

chapi chapo

Back in 2013 I had the opportunity to work on the new version of Chapi Chapo, the french stop motion TV series created by Italo Betiol and Stefano Lonati in 1974. I had to adapt the character designs and do the colorscript for the teaser. Moving Puppet did a great job developing this project. I'm happy that it keeps going to production and will be released in 2017 on TV. Check out the teaser here or below. All these artworks are © Moving Puppet / Cyber Group Studios

En 2013 j'ai eu l'opportunité de travailler sur la nouvelle version de Chapi Chapo, la mythique série crée par Italo Betiol et Stefano Lonati en 1974. J'ai travaillé sur l'adaptation du design des personnages et j'ai réalisé le colorscript du teaser présenté au Cartoon Forum de Toulouse. Moving Puppet a faire du super boulot pour développer ce projet et le mener à bien. La série part maintenant en production et sera à la télé en 2017. Jetez donc un oeil au teaser ci-dessous. Tous ces visuels sont © Moving Puppet / Cyber Group Studios

1 octobre 2015


Mon frère prépare sa propre eau-de-vie et m'a demandé de faire quelques étiquettes pour ces bouteilles. 
Santé grand bien !
My brother is making his own eau-de-vie and asked me to do a few labels for it. Cheers !


Bienvenue à mon neveu Noé ! Ma petite participation à ce joli faire-part. La cigogne étant en vacances, les autres oiseaux ont donné un coup de main... 

A few birds to welcome my nephew Noé !

18 juin 2015

The Secret Life of Pets - first teaser

Here is a first look on the movie I've been working on  as a color artist for more than two years. Coming in Summer 2016!

Un premier aperçu du film sur lequel j'ai travaillé en tant que color artist pendant plus de deux ans. Sortie prévue pour l'été 2016 !

20 avril 2015


A quick sketch with a few colors made in Valras last week-end.

16 mars 2015


Une nouvelle étoile est née! Petit dessin de bienvenue à Charline ma petite nièce.

An illustration to welcome my lovely niece Charline.

8 février 2015

15 janvier 2015

14 janvier 2015


13 janvier 2015


12 janvier 2015