16 juillet 2019


Last June I went on a trip in the South West of Ireland; driving from Skibbereen to Dingle, exploring a piece of every peninsula on the way. What a wonderful part of the world! I was blown away by the landscapes, mixing ocean with mountains, and bold rocky plains with mighty forests. I even got some time to paint! So here are the three pieces I did on location, in Kerry and Dingle.

8 mai 2019

21 novembre 2018

the grinch - whoville

Here are a few early visual development work of Whoville. It is so enjoyable to play with the organic shapes of Dr. Seuss' style. I wish I could visit this place! 

the grinch - cindy lou and family

It goes back to 2015 when I got the chance to work on Illumination's "The Grinch". I've been part of the early stages of production, doing concept art and character design. It was a super exciting time, I had loads of fun and learned a lot.
Unfortunately, after 6 full months of character design, it was decided to put all my work to the bin and start again with a different direction. So non of these designs ended up in the movie. This was a bit frustrating, and I've been offered the opportunity to work on Despicable Me 3 so I left the project. 
But I feel very lucky that they gave me the chance to work on these characters. I'd like to thank Colin Stimpson, Yarrow Cheney and Pete Candeland for that, it really was a great time!  Also congratulations to the whole team, this movie looks beautiful!

Here are some designs of Cindy Lou and her parents. Designing those characters was a long and touchy process. I'm glad to finally be able to share them!

the grinch - secondary characters

Bricklebaum is the Grinch's closest neighbour, and he's crazy enthousiastic about Christmas. There was many iterations for that guy but this one was my favourite. I would have loved to see him animated.

At the time, Groopert was Cindy-Lou's best friend. He's a very sweet, shy and clumsy, and of course very much in love with her...

Here's the proud mayor of Whoville. He's quite short, and that is why he's probably trying to compensate with a big moustache, or a big hat, or a big medal...

the grinch - the whos

Meet the whos! It was so much fun drawing these people. From quick sketches to final color designs, I had to design a whole line-up of tertiary characters that would fill the streets of Whoville. I liked imagining stories for each one of them. It's funny how I grew emotional for all those little guys.

Some color explorations, trying to get a nice palette for the crowd.

6 juin 2018

lighthouse studios


I just finished my job as a lead background artist on a TV show in Lighthouse Studios. The studio is only a year old and it was very exciting to be a part of their first project. I had a lovely time working within such enthusiastic people! I hope to be back someday!
I always liked the logo and as I had a few days off, I built this lamp logo and offered it to our wonderful studio assistant Ruth to decorate her reception desk. That was great fun!

Hope to share some of my work there soon!

saint kieran's gate

I was happy to give this watercolor to an art auction among other Lighthouse Studios and Cartoon Saloon's artists. The money raised will help Nuria in her volunteering travel to Madagascar to help children. It was a great success and a nice overview on the fantastic creativity that is happenning around here. You can have a look at all the other artworks here.

21 novembre 2017

despicable me 3 - color keys

all these images are © Universal Pictures

despicable me 3 - sets


all these images are © Universal Pictures

29 septembre 2017

fête nationale suisse

As most of you know, I'm Swiss, and I have this wonderful memories of every year 1st of August, national day of Switzerland. When the sun is set, everybody is walking in a single line with lanterns to reach those big fire every village sets in a harvested fiel, and together we enjoyed the fireworks. Beautiful moments...

it's a boy !

Eh oui, me voilà papa! Mon petit fiston Gaël est né en juillet, et avec lui est apparu beaucoup de bonheur et plein de découvertes! Il est vraiment génial et se porte à merveille jusqu'ici. Pour l'occasion, j'ai fait ce dessin à l'aquarelle pour son faire part de naissance.

Yes indeed, I'm a father now! My beautiful son Gaël is born in July, and with it a lot of happiness and discoveries! He's absolutely wonderful and doing very well so far. To this occasion, I did this watercolor drawing for his birth annoucement card.

2 septembre 2017

chez Tom 2